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Terms and charges


Warnham Village Hall is a charity registered in England and Wales under the number 305436.


The village hall is available for hire by any individual or organisation in accordance with the standard conditions of hire and scale of charges adopted for the year.


Warnham Village Hall has introduced a standard scale of charges for all bookings of the hall. The rates for occasional bookings are:



Type of event                                   Resident of the parish                   Non-resident of the parish



Childrens parties (up to 12 years)  


Main + North hall                          £62.00                                                     £70.00                                  


Teenage Parties (13-17 years) PM/evening   (Deposit of £200) 

  All Areas                                       Please Enquire                                                 Please Enquire


New Year Eve/18th/21st parties (All areas, including set up time)

                                                                  £350.00                                                £410.00


Evening parties  ( All areas, including set up time)                            

                                                                  £225.00                                                 £280.00                              


Weddings (All areas, including set up the night before from 6pm)                                                    

                                                                  £360.00                                                 £420.00


Christenings (All areas for whole day)                                     

                                                                  £140.00                                                 £150.00                     


Funerals (All areas, for whole day)                                   

                                                                  £140.00                                                 £150.00   



Theatre performances (same price for all)

Performance - single event                                                                  £235.00

Performance - more than one date                                                 £185.00

Rehearsal                                                                                                        £99.00


Weekend Early bird rate (6-9am)                                                   £18.50


Meetings - charge per session


Main Hall                                             £65.00                                                   £75.00

North Hall                                           £33.00                                                   £40.00

Hodgson room                                  £18.50                                                  £25.00


Regular Users - charge per session


Main Hall                                                                                                 £33.00                                                                       

North Hall                                                                                               £20.00

Hodgson Room                                                                                    Please Enquire



The village hall is booked by the session, the day being split into the three sessions of morning, afternoon and evening. Flexibility in the timings of users is afforded whenever possible.

Children’s parties there is a maximum of 30/40, more will be allowed but this will need to be discussed with the secretary to get a price and a deposit may also be required.


Deposits of £150 for residents of the parish (£200.00 for non-residents of the parish) are taken for all wedding receptions and evening parties and some other parties should the need arise, which is refunded on the safe return of the hall and the hall keys.


Discretion over these charges will be exercised in cases of hardship for residents of the parish.


All bookings of Warnham Village Hall are made subject to the standard conditions of hire, which are issued to all hirers of the hall on the making of a booking. They are available on request at any time from the booking secretary. We would like to point out that it is up to the individuals hiring the hall to bring along their own first aid kit.


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